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The Official HCG Diet Plan & Droplet for Weight Loss!!

HCG Diet Drops Program

The Official HCG Diet is made on the exact same beliefs that Dr. Simeon fount back in the 50s, and that laid the strong foundation for one of the most potent weight-loss diets even built the HCG Diet.

With the Official HCG Diet, a dieter can lose up to one pound of his or her body fat each day without feeling like going to bed hungry. The HCG allows the body to gain its caloric and nutrient requirement from the body fat stored on your body rather than from the meal you’re consuming. That’s why it’s achievable to consume as low as 500 calories each day without you feeling hungry.

Have you all other diets have disappointed you? If you say yes, then it’s time for you to consider turning to the Official HCG Diet as it will provide a completely new dieting approach that’s even supported by the science.

The point to consider here is that with the Official HCG Diet Plan, you just don’t get the droplets, and after then, be yourself, but you’ll even get complete diet guides, plans, and some additional that will assist you out in getting success with your diet. If you got any doubts, an entire crew of human support would be all ready to help you in any means possible.

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nterested in learning more about the Official HCG Diet? Then, continue reading because the below we’re going to walk you through all you may like to know about the Official HCG Diet.

First Thing’s First!!

What is the Official HCG Diet?

Back in the 50s, Dr. Simeon (known as the father of the Official HCG Diet) made some interesting discoveries concerning the pregnancy hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. He discovered that this hormone could do much more than merely ensure that the unborn child and fetus would get enough nutrients from their mother for growing and getting stronger.

Dr. Simeon discovered that HCG could aid people that seek ways for weight loss by making fat stored in their bodies the main source of caloric fuel rather than the food they are consuming.

His studies, examinations, and outcomes demonstrated that a dieter could lose as much as 1 pound of body fat each day with this method’s assistance. They witnessed it is doable to go as low as 500 calories in meal intake on a regular basis without going to bed hungry. The reason behind it is apparent – the source of nutrients arises from body fat rather than the food you’re consuming.

As your body gets all, it requirements satisfied in terms of nutrients – the brain won’t discharge any hunger hormones that force you to eat because it would often take place while being on a daily diet.

Exactly How The Official HCG Diet Works for Losing Weight?

Well, The Official HCG Diet is known as a weight loss plan categorized into three different stages that all are an important part of the entire diet and all required for you to get success with this diet.

These three stages are the loading, diet, and maintenance phases.

The purpose of the loading stage is to consume as much as possible and whatever you desire. The diet stage is the actual diet itself. Finally, the maintenance stage is where you track your weight and makes sure that you remain on track and not turning to the same point again as you’re before starting this diet journey.

In general, one can do the HCG diet in two ways – either through droplets or utilizing injections that can be a bit hassle for many individuals who don’t like to inject themselves or have regular visits to the doctor place to let your doctor do the injections.

So, Droplets or Injections?

The Official HCG Diet includes droplets simply as it’s easy to administer, and one can do it himself from the comfort of their home. On the other hand, injections are a bit more potent as the HCG only bypasses the liver on time rather than two times. But, to be honest, you’ll hardly ever be aware of or feel the difference, and it is much easier with droplets.

Droplets Bring Easier & Still Effective!!

Three times each day, you have to put ten drops right under your tongue in a timeframe of minimum three and a half week and in accordance with the plan you bought. You must let the fluid or liquid sink, not swallow it right away as that way, it will be taken much easier into the bloodstream, and you’ll gain the right effect.

The Loading Stage & the Stating of the Diet

The loading stage is truly one of the powerful sides of the HCG Diet. For around two or three days, you can consume whatever you desire and as much as you can of all your favorite meals. It incorporates greasy foods, steaks, ice creams, desserts, and of course, whatever you desire. Maybe, the first time in your whole life, you can do it without you feel any guilt about what you’re doing.

Do Not Skip This Stage from Your Diet

Some dieters may like to leave out this stage!! Because just imagining all the weight they could risk getting in those two or three days? Nevertheless, don’t do this at all. In order to gain the full effects of the HCG Diet, you have to go through this stage also. The goal of doing the loading stage is that it will enhance your metabolism so that it will remain a bit higher during the initial part of the next phase. There’s no need to worry – the extra calories you consumed will be ultimately burned off soon.

Your metabolism boost means that you’ll ready the hypothalamus for taking up the Official HCG droplets in a more efficient manner and make it probable to cut off more calories than you could ever expect or imagined.

In short, the whole point is don’t skip this stage!! Even squeeze in a bit or two extra when you feel satisfied and full.

The Dieting Stage

After enjoying the first 2-3 days of the dieting plan by eating your favorite food items without the fear of gaining weight, now it’s time for you to be on the track and get started with the actual diet itself.

The HCG Droplet will start to work and become active. It is crucial that you have decided at the beginning of this diet, either to do the 500 or 100 calorie version of the diet before you enter this phase. But you need to worry about this. You can change the diet calorie amount later on depending upon if you find it easy or too hard on you. But it is essential to have a set point at the beginning.

As this diet plan comes in two categories of 500 and 1000 calories diet plan and you are confused about making a choice between 500 and 1000 calorie diet then have a look at this question below.

Should I Go With 500 or 1000 Calorie Diet?

If you are having trouble deciding whether you should go for 500 or 1000 calorie diet you can take help from the following guidelines.

If you have been consuming 3000 to 4000+ calories daily till now, then you should stick to the 1000 calorie HCG Diet Plan. And if you have been eating near about 2000 calories per day then you should go for the 500 calorie diet plan.

No matter what is to be realistic with the choice that you have made here.

With The Official HCG Diet Plan, You Will Get Everything That You and Your Body Need

Keep in mind – when you will order the HCG Diet Plan and Droplets, you will get everything with it that you will need including the 500 and 1000 calories diet plan, the droplets, a couple of other diets, and something extra to keep the motivation of losing the weight high.

If you don’t like any of the food of the diet plan, there will always be the choices available so that everybody can follow the diet plan strictly and regularly.

In this diet plan, your body will get all the appropriate amount of nutrients and calories from the fats that are stored in your body. Therefore you should not have a concern regarding going that low with your calorie intake. After having even 500 or 1000 calories also, you will not feel hungry and low because your body will get everything it requires from the stored fats in your body due to the HCG’s ability to perform that transformation.

The HCG Diet Entails A Total Body Cleanse

The HCG Diet Plan will not only help you to lose weight but it will also help you to cleanse your body by burning the fat and by limiting the calorie intake.

Due to the limited calorie intake you are eating everything clean, no toxins and fats will enter your body and harm it. You will be free from the potential risk of any free radicals breaking down cellular tissues or the build-up of body fat.

This altogether means that your body will undergo a complete body cleanse that will help you to get rid of stored and unwanted toxins present in your body that can cause you health-related risks and diseases in the long run.

3 Weeks Recommended

Under normal conditions, you would be following this diet phase for 3 weeks but if you have not reached your desired weight till then, you can then just continue with the dieting phase for up to 45 days ad not more than that.

After completing one cycle of HCG Dieting, it is recommended to take a break and get some healthy food to eat. And if you are not satisfied and happy with the results then you can consider repeating one more round of HCG Dieting. But it is essential for you to take a gap of a couple of weeks to give a rest to your health and metabolism.

Always remember to keep your water intake high because drinking more water will keep you hydrated which will make the journey of losing weight a bit easy. Drinking water a lot will also help you to flush out all the toxins from your body that may have an adverse effect on your health if not flushed out.

The Maintenance Stage

Here comes the hardest stage of the Official HCG Diet – the maintenance stage.

With most weight-loss diets, when people are finally done, they are quite much left by on their own. Soon, they’ll be back in the ferocious cycles of having a hard time against food temptations and so, calorie control. Quite soon, they’ll be right back in their previous habits of emotional eating. After a few months, they’re all right back at where they commenced.

The Only Diet with a Maintenance Stage

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The Official HCG Diet includes a maintenance stage that takes care of this issue for you.

No long will one end up in his old eating habits and comfort eating zone, begin eating again. The Official HCG Diet will walk you through so that you can maintain your desired weight so that you don’t risk gaining unwanted calories and weight once again.

When completing the dieting stage, it’s important to keep in mind that the HCG drops will stay active for a few more days. Either, you can maintain dieting for 4 more days or you can gradually start to increase the intake of your food to the suggested 2000 calories. You should avoid intake of starches or sugar.

Your Body Will Experience a New Beginning

From this stage, your metabolism will be retuned, your body flushed out toxins and it will like a new start for you. It is suggested to make lifestyle changes and consume healthier so that you don’t gain any unwanted weight once again.

The Weekly Check-Up

Once a week, it is good that you should go on a scale to inspect your weight and what you require to do here is to maintain your -/+ 2 pounds from your target body weight.

If it rises more than two lbs, then go with a steak diet for 1 or 2 days, where all you consume is steak meat. If you’re not satisfied with beef, then you can go with fish or chicken. If you’re a vegetarian, then the Official HCG Diet will have some instructions for you in the material you’ll get.

Reasons to Know Why HCG Diet Plan is Ideal for Weight Loss

Since there are a lot of weight loss products and diet plans available online and offline, it confuses the person in choosing which one to rely upon. With so many choices available for weight loss plans only some of them work effectively. Therefore you need to know the reasons why the particular diet plan is best for you.

So, here you will get to learn all the reasons that make the HCG Diet Plan a perfect partner in your weight loss journey.

When you buy any of the weight loss diet plans and products, all that you will receive is just a container full of capsules with no guidance at all on how you can get the most of it for losing weight. It is sometimes just written on the container how and when to take the capsules which are not enough if you want to get the full benefit out of your supplement.

But this is not the fact with the HCG Diet Plan. When you will buy the HCG Diet Plan, nothing is left upon yourself. Along with the droplets, you will get the full guidance on what to do, how to use the diet plan, how to take the droplets, and many other things that you must know to get the most of the product.

After all, that guidance, if you still have any issues and query with the HCG diet plan or the droplets then you are free to call us any time because a whole support team is all time ready to help you on whatever issue you might face in the weight loss journey with HCG Diet Plan.

Another great benefit that adds to the list of HCG Diet Plan is that you can order your HCG Diet Plan in different sizes of either 15, 21, 45, or 90 days of supply. There are also special weight loss packages for couples who want to share and enjoy the great moments of dieting and losing weight together. All these HCG Diet Plan packages are user friendly which can be picked up according to your need and choice.

With HCG Diet Plan you end up paying for what you need and it’s an excellent way to make an effective plan for your weight loss diet as well.

But one thing that you must keep in mind while ordering HCG Diet Plan and Droplets is that it is recommended to order for a few days extra so that you have a little space for mishappening.

How and From Where To But the Official HCG Diet Plan?

The Official HCG Diet Plan is available only on its official website and nowhere else. If you come across any of the Official HCG Diet Plan being sold somewhere else except its official website then you should be careful enough before buying it because it may not be an original and genuine one.

Are There Any Discount And Coupon Codes Available At The Time Of Purchase?

Diet Plan

Yes, while buying the HCG Diet Plan you can Get 10% OFF on the purchase price by using the coupon code – “10HCGDiet” at check out.

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Is The Official HCG Diet Has Any Side Effects?

The Official HCG Diet & Drops is a comparatively safe weight loss diet to be used as long you purse the recommended instructions mentioned in the package you get when getting the Official HCG Diet. It offers a radically different path towards weight loss when all the other diets have disappointed you; this is more successful than other diets because it follows a different approach, far more effective than any other available in the market for weight loss. Scroll below to see some of the side effects that may result from the use of the Official HCG Diet plan and drops.

The Official HCG Diet Comparatively Safe to Use

Following the Official HCG diet and droplets under normal conditions are relatively safe, and users won’t experience any of the following adverse effects we’re going to walk you through. However, to reduce the potential risks, it is highly recommended that you pursue the right guidelines and doses when ordering the Official HCG Diet Package. Before taking a weight loss plan, it is always a good idea to get a consultation from your doctor.

Let’s now have a quick look at the possible side effects:

Headaches While Dieting

Some users may go through minor headaches, especially in the first week of the diet, while taking the HCG diet and droplets. Often this is due to the low-calorie quantity that you get and that the body is familiar with. If you experience too much headache, then over-the-counter painkillers can help you with that; otherwise, the headaches will usually go away after the first week.


Dizziness could be another side effect, which is often experienced within the first few days during the diet and it because of the low calories you are consuming. Some users may go through leg cramps or other related issues because of the low levels of potassium. The only thing here you can do is to stretch your legs out, and the cramp will go away. Or it would help if you take the potassium supplement to avoid these cramps.

Rashes and Reddish Skin

HCG diet users taking for the first time may have skin issues like rashes or reddish. Various toxins released by the body and comes out through skin may cause rashes, and reddish skin as your body starts to make itself fat. It is not a condition that happens to everyone, but there is a chance. Often after one week, these rashes will go away.

Bloating and Constipation

Bloating and constipation are the most common side effects. It is generally due to low calories diets that do not activate the right bowel movement. If the problem continues for more than a couple of days, then a sugar-free laxative may help in getting relief from some of the problems you are experiencing.

Bloating and Constipation

The Official HCG diet and its potential side effects are generally very mild. Also, most users won’t experience any problems at all. However, side effects do exist, and you need to keep them in mind. If you are going through any side effects longer than a week, you should immediately consider getting a consultation from your doctor.

How To Get Official HCG Diet And Droplet Plan Started?

The HCG is the most potent diet available in the market. It provides a different approach from any other diet items in terms of weight loss. With the Official HCG Diet, it will indeed become doable for you to take an intake of low calories without hunger or other cravings and lose up to 1 pound of body fat a day.

If you’re ready for this journey or want to know more about the Official HCG Diet Plan and Droplets, click on the below link.

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Official HCG Diet Droplets Vs Injections

For those who want to start with the official HCG diet might be wondering about whether to go with injections or just stick with droplets. Below, we will discuss both the approaches so that you can become more capable of deciding which one is right for you.

Injections a Bit More Effective But…

No wonder using injections rather than droplets is more effective in your Official HCG Diet. Because HCG only passes through your liver on time, not twice as with droplets, which means they lose some of their effectiveness. However, you can prevent a lot of this by taking the droplets three times a day at a higher dose, as you would do with the injection taking once in a day.

But it is much easier to use droplets than using injections, and the variations are so slight that you can barely note any differences in the final results. Most HCG dieters prefer droplets, as they are much easier to administer. 10 Drops three times a day straight under your tongue is much better than going to the doctor on a regular basis or overcome your terror of injecting yourself.

Besides that, it is preferred to take HCG injections under a higher rate of medical supervision compared to taking HCG droplets under normal circumstances. However, always discuss it with the doctor before you get started with this journey.  

Official HCG Droplets is Ideal for First Time Users

If you are using the Official HCG Diet for the first time, then you should prefer to use the droplets because they’re a better, safer choice with fewer side effects and simpler to use. Moreover, you can give more attention to having the entire diet in one place. Besides that, using the drops is ideal for those who kept themselves away from the HCG diet due to the injections.

Injections is Best Option for More Experience Users

If you’ve already done a couple of the Official HCG diets, maybe once a year after your holly days, then it’s time for you to start using injections to bring out more of effectiveness. However, it is good to meet with your doctor and let him decide what dosage is appropriate for you to prevent any side effects and determine whether you can do the injections yourself or require professional assistance. Perhaps he should offer you a discount, as it can be quite costly.

If the Official HCG Diet is Taken & Done The Right Way…

If you are still thinking a lot of times about doing the HCG diet, you shouldn’t. Because if you’re following the Official HCG Diet the right way, you don’t have to do a diet every year.

Please note that the Official HCG Diet has a maintenance stage that will assist you out in keeping your progress on track.

No Matter What You Consider, You’ll Get Good Results

Finally, let us conclude that if you do the HCG diet the right manner, you will be satisfied with the results regardless of what choice you make. But the Official HCG Diet Droplets are much easier to utilize than injections.

If you’re all set to get started with the HCG Diet, then go ahead and click the below link to know more!!

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