Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At 5Boro Digital, we take your privacy rights seriously and want you to be comfortable while on our website. This page talks about our policies on collecting, using, and disclosing personal data whenever you use the service.


The Data Protection Act of 1998 talks about how organizations, including 5Boro Digital, must handle, collect, and store personal information. The rules apply whether it’s on paper, stored electronically, or on other materials.

This act focuses on eight principles that say personal data must:

  • Be obtained for lawful, specific purposes
  • Be processed lawfully and fairly
  • Be relevant, adequate, and not excessive
  • Be kept up to date and accurate
  • Processed with the rights of the users
  • Not be held longer than needed
  • Not be transferred outside the country
  • Be protected appropriately

We only use your data to improve and provide Services. By using the service, you agree to let us collect and use your information according to this policy.


Personal data means any information about a living person who could be identified from the data.

Usage data is automatically collected from using the service or infrastructure.


We collect a variety of information for many purposes to provide service to you.

  • Personal data can include email address, phone number, and first and last name.
  • Personal data can be used to contact you on marketing, newsletters, and promotional materials that could interest you. You do have the right to opt-out of receiving these communications by unsubscribing and following the directions on emails that we send.