Our Process



Schedule your Discovery Call with one of our trained specialists to take the next action step forward in your online journey ahead. Let’s achieve goals together!

Our first engagement occurs either online via zoom or phone call. In this stage we are focused on learning about your project details and goals. We take in as much data and information as we can to create a solid plan for you.

Whether your project is simple or complex, we always keep learning. At 5Boro Digital our team is ready to invest the time necessary for researching information on the world wide web. This process allows for us to discover the most-effective methods, technologies, and solutions that ultimately allow you to achieve the greatest success.

Once we have collected all the detailed R&D information pertaining to your project goals we then move forward with our team of professionals. Our Founder and CTO has years of experience working with the most talented designers, developers, engineers, programmers, system architects, and project managers. All of which are trained under him in a traditional white-board style that allows for us to collectively put the pieces together and create your first scope of work.

If there are any revision requests required after our delivery of the first scope, we will happily provide if needed.

It’s time to secure the deal. We provide you with a Stripe payment link which indicates the services our company will provide. Then with the upmost integrity and gratitude we deliver on the agreed upon terms.

We Made It! Now The Fun Begins…

Welcome to 5Boro Digital! As a client you will have direct access to our cloud platform with a virtual desk and a dedicated team ready to execute according to your plan. On this dashboard you will be able to chat with team members, add new tasks, schedule meetings, view progress reports, and ultimately be the captain of your own ship in your new journey. All this at your fingertips!