PPC Marketing Plan 2

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PPC Marketing Plan 2

Ideal for campaigns with medium monthly ad spend budget (up to $249/mo) and who are looking to make their brand popular. Includes Google display Network and more than 2 million other Ads network.

We make it possible for businesses to be popular online by Branding their business amongst the potential customers. With this plan, we not only show your Ads on the Google Display network, but also advertise your business on more than 2 million other Ads network. The best thing about the plan is you do not need to pay anything extra for Ad spend. Our PPC plan is inclusive of Ad spend. Our focus of this plan will be to get the maximum impressions on your ads.

Price: $747.00

The PPC | Impression Based Brand Marketing 2 Plan offering includes:

  • Advertising via Display Ads
  • Advertising various Display networks
  • Display Ads Spend
  • Competitors URL targeting
  • Retargeting Setup
  • Display Ads creation
  • Weekly PPC reports
  • Monthly PPC performance reports


  • Site assessment and intake: We audit your client’s website, online presence of their business and gather information about their target audience and goals.
  • Keyword research and ad groups: We will do comprehensive keyword research, ad group creation and bid management for your campaign. In addition, we can prioritize keywords based on your inputs.
  • Creating compelling ads: Based on keyword research, our team of PPC Advertising strategists will create relevant Display ads targeting the keywords that will catch the viewers attention..
  • Automated reports: Weekly and Monthly PPC performance reports are sent out automatically to keep you informed about the results we’ve achieved.

What you can Expect


  • Customizable white-label dashboard: Track your campaign progress with the ability to setup your own branded dashboard for the client to access and view campaign performance. Includes white label email notifications too i.e. dashboard notifications are sent out via your company email address to your clients.
  • Pocket friendly charges: We offer comprehensive, high-quality, US-based PPC advertising at reasonable prices. And unlike competitors, we don’t charge any account setup fees!
  • Complete transparency and measurable results: Agency Platform’s powerful reporting dashboard shows your customers exactly where their PPC Branding ads are shown. Every PPC task performed is reported in real-time to track progress and clearly outline value.
  • Campaign monitoring: We monitor every PPC campaign to identify areas of improvement. We also provide automated weekly and monthly updates on campaign performance to ensure your clients’ goals are being met.


  • Dashboard account creation and setup
  • Campaign kick-off call to understand business objectives
  • Create and setup Display Ads account
  • Setting up Retargeting Codes on website
  • Keyword research and ad group creation
  • Placement Targeting and Optimization
  • Keyword bid management
  • Weekly PPC reports
  • Month 1 PPC performance report


  • Keyword bid management
  • Adding relevant keywords
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Placement Optimization
  • Monitoring campaign progress and making adjustments
  • Weekly PPC reports
  • Monthly PPC performance report
  • Creating Image and Display ads

Applicable Add Ons

  • Call Tracking ( Local No. ) 1 Month Additional work to optimize the website.
  • $34 Monthly
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