Voiceover Video Creation and Distribution

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Voiceover Video Creation and Distribution

Forget about full yellow page ads and traditional television spots. The Internet has the fastest and most comprehensive range when it comes to marketing your business. You can bring your business into the future with compelling online videos that will allow you to reach and engage your target market.

Harness key areas online for higher visibility and utilize top platforms like YouTube. Through online videos, online users can learn about, like, and trust your brand even before they call you.

Our team of skilled video marketing experts understands your business and will create video using stock video footage and voiceover audio. Stock footage is an easy and affordable way to include “motion” in your videos. The script will include an introduction to your business and a call to action or an offer. We will use a male voice based out of United States for voiceover.

This video is converted to a professional looking presentation and is further submitted to sites like Slideshare to enhance your brand visibility.

Price: $597.00

One Time

The Project Addons | Here are some benefits:

  • Target customers can easily find your services and products because of the strategic placement of created video commercial in various video distribution networks.
  • Your video can be launched all over the Internet in just a matter of hours and can be seen by countless consumers for months.
  • Build valuable engagement with consumers and stand out from your competitors.